Safeguarding your people

    We provide a rapid response to your alarms and emergencies 24/7. By entrusting us with a set of keys to your educational establishment, we can react to security incidents on your behalf and take the relevant action. 

    Action may include alerting the police and yourself or alternatively dealing with a false alarm efficiently and without any unnecessary stress or effort. 

    school, college, and university key holding

    Our key holding service involves you entrusting us with a set of keys to your educational facility so that, in the case of an emergency, our highly trained security team can access your premises and help you. Removing your staff and students from the front line, our specialist security teams have been trained on incident management and will know the best way to handle any situation. 

    Sleep easy in the knowledge that, in the event of a security breach, a professional will be on hand to immediately deal with the situation

    Remove staff and eliminate unnecessary danger. With a key holding service, staff no longer need to react to security incidents. They can leave this for the professionals

    Our key holding service leads the industry in the speed of response when an alarm is triggered. We will also conduct drivebys when the facility is unoccupied, providing further peace of mind

    We only employ security professionals who have been accredited by the Security Industry Authority (SIA), meaning they are all highly qualified and government approved to deal with any dangerous security breach

    What does key holding involve?

    Firstly, we will inspect your premises, conducting a full site survey, familiarising ourselves with the layout of the building/s and discovering the best locations for your alarms and sensors to be placed, determining what protocol we will take should the worst occur.

    You provide us with a set of keys to your educational facility, which we will keep safe within our own premises, only for use if an emergency occurs. You then receive a receipt in return to confirm this transition has taken place.

    In the event of an alarm being activated, we will send trained members of our team with the keys to investigate. When at your site we will evaluate the cause of the alarm activating, acting upon anything we encounter as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    Should this be a genuine emergency in which a fire has broken out or the business has been broken into, our team will alert the emergency services and your dedicated point of contact accordingly.  

    If a false alarm is triggered, which we will only establish upon entering the premises, a member of our professional security team will reset your alarm, secure the facility, and leave, putting the keys back into the safe storage they were kept in previously.

    Whether a false alarm or a genuine one, we will complete a report on the incident, sending all the information to the previously allocated managers of the facility through email within 24 hours of the occurrence.

    Richard Hayes Estates Bursar, St Edward's School

    “We have a long-standing relationship with Chris Lewis Fire & Security and we greatly value their product and technical knowledge, and their professionalism. They provide a very efficient call-out service if we experience a problem and their engineers are always very friendly and efficient.”

    Mick Garner Assistant Engineer Estates & Facilities, University of Southampton

    “We have a long standing relationship with Chris Lewis Fire & Security and now having them maintaining the university’s fire, intruder and access control systems is proving very useful as there’s always an engineer available on site.”

    What can we do for you?

    With over 25 years of experience in security, Chris Lewis are trusted experts in the field who will help keep your educational premises, assets, staff, and students safe. If you’ve got a security system and want extra peace of mind that your facility will be as protected as possible, should the worst occur, it’s worth considering our key holder service. When it comes to security, whether this is just a key holder service, or an entire system design and installation, by choosing Chris Lewis you are choosing the industry's best technology and people. 

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